Beyond 精准农业耕作的原理

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With the right attitude, enough experience and information, and a well-exercised imagination, you can be a real designer!!! : )


11. Attitudinal Principles

11. 态度原理

This conveniently leads us into the next principle…


‘Problem’: Large boulders on house site

In Permaculture, our yields are determined by the the quality of thought and information we use, not the size and quality of our site.





Typically, people see a disadvantage as a ‘problem’ and then implement an energy-intensive ‘solution’ to attempt to ‘fix the problem’.

Beyond plants, there are also all the horticultural techniques – ways to grow plants. Whether it’s organic or biodynamic gardening, no-dig or square foot gardening, container gardening, vertical gardening, backyard orchard culture, food forest gardening, there are many ways to grow plants, and one technique may be more appropriate than another in a certain situation. A competent designer will have a broad range of techniques at their disposal, will have significant experience with them, and will understand the benefits and limitations of each approach.

Knowledge is the key to help us change our attitude, otherwise we’re just wallowing in ignorant optimism and have no chance of realising how to turn apparent issues to our advantage. It simply boils down to one simple fact - if you don’t understand the nature of something, you won’t be able to make best use of it, no matter what it is.

如果有人认为我在这一点上太过了那么重要的是要明确有履历的有能力的设计师并不是与生俱来的没有人是。他们投入了时间和精神积累了朴门永续栽培最有价值的资源信息。通过学习、视察和履历获得知识的历程是获得设计能力的恒久投资。同样重要的是要意识到学习永远不会竣事---- 一生的时间永远不够去明白大自然的所有奇迹可是旅途中不停的发现才是它的兴趣所在!